I am a design engineer & artist working over the boundaries of art, storytelling and UX design. I moved from Sweden to Silicon Valley to work on a consult basis in 2015, which have been my full-time profession ever since.

Creating art in online environments since early childhood I have a lifelong experience with digital graphics and social media. I followed up with my passion through getting a bachelor’s engineer degree design & product design.I believe everyone have a story to tell, so after completing my studies at the university I spent one year studying and practicing sequential art and storytelling.

I’m excited to learn more about user experience design through my work. I am driven by the will to make people happier and make more ethical choices through design.

On my free time I like to express my creativity through watercolor, engaging in a niche fashion community, and scout through online second hand stores all over the world for hidden treasures.

Contact me at elis@speedment.com

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